Beat that language barrier with LangCommLive™

Doing business, having meetings, travelling and talking with your customers, suppliers and contacts in non-English speaking locations has never been easier with the arrival of LangCommLive. 

Those frustratingly difficult language constraints are banished forever when you use LangCommLive’s telephone interpreting service. 

Our quality service extends to over 150 languages and it’s easy, very fast and totally affordable.

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  • Total Availability

You get a 24/7 service, every week, every month, throughout the year. No matter what the time zone, the time of day, holidays or weekends you can be sure that LangCommLive™ is right with you and is ready when you are.

  • Quality Interpretation

All our interpreters are qualified, experienced mother tongue interpreters fully tested by us - and totally used to phone format. Clients with specialist subject matter are catered for by the use and development of terminology and glossary databanks.

  • Fast to go

 You can be talking to your contact in seconds - for as long or as short as you like. And remember you only pay for the time (right down to the second) you use it.

  • Secure, confidential and sure

We only use the best and safest technology. All our interpreters are vetted and are absolute parties to our Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • Very Affordable

Cost plans to suit your use, billed by the second, and absolutely no hidden extras and all at low, low charges.

  • Scope and range of uses

Used by Government, Local Authorities, Health Authorities, Police, Legal and Financial Organisations, Insurance, Commercial and Industrial concerns. Individuals like Buyers, Credit Controllers, Sales & Marketing people in fact almost anyone who finds themselves limited by a language.